Texas HIV Medication Program
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 Format: Web-based Training - Self-study (Online)
 Clinical / Non-Clinical: Non Clinical
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 Certificate: General Certificate no CEs
Course Description:

Texas HIV Medication Program

Texas HIV Medication Program training teaches case managers how to serve clients effectively by referring HIV clients to appropriate resources, decreasing errors and omissions on THMP application forms, and helping HIV clients with the recertification process.

This course has been replaces with Texas HIV Medication Program 2013 Update course # 1033734.  If you are a new learner to the course, please exit and begin the new course

Subject Area(s):
Chronic Diseases
Allied Health Professionals
Communicable Disease Staff
Health Care
Background/Role(s): None
Course Language(s):
Course Level: Introductory
Core Competencies:
Tier One
    Community Dimensions of Practice Skills
       Recognizes community linkages and relationships among multiple factors (or determinants) affecting health
Tier One
    Public Health Sciences Skills
       Describes the scientific foundation of the field of public health
       Identifies prominent events in the history of the public health profession
       Relates public health science skills to the Core Public Health Functions and Ten Essential Services of Public Health
Tier One
    Financial Planning and Management Skills
       Describes the local, state, and federal public health and health care systems
       Describes the organizational structures, functions, and authorities of local, state, and federal public health agencies
Registration Required Outside of TRAIN: no
Registration Restrictions: Tis course is only open to learners who have already started the course. New learners should take 1033734
Sponsor: Texas Department of State Health Services- HIV Program
Accreditations: none
Special Notes:
Course Contacts
Name: Mary VanWisse
Phone: 512-533-3019
email: mary.vanwisse@dshs.state.tx.us
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