IS-235.a Emergency Planning
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 Course Number: IS-235.a
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EMI has revised and updated the IS-235.a course materials. Please begin using the IS-235.b materials immediately.

If you have previously started the IS-235.a course and need to take the final exam, you must complete the exam and obtain a passing score before Feb. 4, 2012. After Feb. 4, 2012, you will need to complete the revised course and take the updated exam.

You may complete your exam online by clicking here. If you are completing your final exam via OpScan bubble sheets, they must be postmarked no later than Feb 4, 2012.

IS-235.a Emergency Planning

Course Date

14 January, 2011

Course Description

EMI has made revisions to this course. The course was aligned to the NRF and NIMS changes.

This course is designed for emergency management personnel who are involved in developing an effective emergency planning system. This course offers training in the fundamentals of the emergency planning process, including the rationale behind planning. It will develop your capability for effective participation in the all-hazard emergency operations planning process to save lives and protect property threatened by disaster.



Subject Area(s):
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Responders / Receivers
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Services
Background/Role(s): None
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Course Level: Introductory
Registration Required Outside of TRAIN: no
Registration Restrictions:
Sponsor: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)/Emergency Management Institute (EMI)
Accreditations: none
Special Notes:
Course Contacts
Name: FEMA
Phone: (301) 447-1000
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Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
July 30, 2012
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
November 11, 2011
I am working on revisions to our community all hazards plan. This si good information.
Overall Impression Recommends this course: YES  
November 07, 2011
Overall Impression Recommends this course: Not Supplied  
April 01, 2011
What's a good Emergency Operations Plan look like? What are the differences between the Annexes and the Appendices, and what goes into each? Where to Checklists, Job Aids, and other basic instructions go? Here's the FEMA course to teach you about building, evaluating, revising, and understanding the EOP.
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