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The New TXTRAIN 3.0

The new TXTRAIN 3.0 is up and running, to take your classes in the new Train follow the link below.

Your Login and password information has remained the same. All course certificates and transcript information from the previous version is still accessible in TRAIN 3.0.

State HHS Employees

If you are a State employee (HHSC, DFPS, DSHS or DADS) TXTRAIN will not allow you to create your own account, the system will create your account for you.  (It may take up to two weeks for your account to be created.)

Texas State employees will use their work email address as a login.  State employees - Once your account has been created you will:

  1. Enter your agency email address as your login name
  2. Leave the password field blank
  3. Select the Login button (Do not select “CREATE an ACCOUNT”)

NON-State Employees

Non-State employees will create their own accounts with the (“Create an Account”) button.

If you get an Invalid Account message please contact the TXTRAIN helpdesk at or call 512-776-7336.