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TX TRAIN Frequently Asked Questions

New Users

If you are a HHSC, DSHS, DADS, DFPS, or DARS Employee, TX TRAIN administrators set up employee accounts for you in a process that runs every other week, you only need to activate yours:

  1. Enter your work email address as the login name
  2. Leave the password blank
  3. Click on the “login” button
  4. Follow prompts to answer questions.

If your account does not activate, you may have been hired in between process run weeks. Send problems/questions and your employee ID number to the TRAIN Texas helpdesk at


If you are NOT a HHSC employee,

  1. Click on the “Create Account” button to start.
  2. On the “Group Selection” page, choose the Texas Portal and select the “Not HHSC, DADS, DARS, DFPS, or DSHS employees” option.
  3. Follow prompts to answer questions.

Send problems/questions to the TRAIN Texas helpdesk at