To add your course to TRAIN: Become a Course Provider

If you are an HHS system employee (HHSC, DFPS, DSHS, DARS, or DADS) TX TRAIN will not allow you to create your own account.  (It may take up to two weeks for your account to be created following the date that you begin working.)

For HHS System employees, TRAIN uses your email address as your login, in the format your manager used to create your account in CAPPS.  This may be either or   

 If your email address has recently been changed, you must contact the TX TRAIN helpdesk in order to have it changed in the TRAIN system. 

HHS system employees - Once your account has been automatically created you will:

  1. Enter your agency email address as your login name
  2. Leave the password field blank
  3. Select the Login button (Do not select CREATE ACCOUNT)

(You will be prompted to establish a password the first time that you login.)


Non-HHS system enterprise employees will create their own accounts.

  1. Select Create Account (do not select “login”)
  2. Read and agree to the TRAIN policies and select Next
  3. Answer the questions as TRAIN presents them
  4. Once your account has been created TRAIN will send an email to the address you provided confirming your account


If you get an Invalid Account message and you are not a new employee, please contact the TX TRAIN helpdesk.  If you are a new employee this message indicates that your account has not been created yetIt may take up to two weeks for your account to be created following the day that you begin working.

The TX TRAIN helpdesk may be contacted at