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TRAIN uses the old format on your email address. not

If you are a State employee

If you are an HHSC Enterprise employee for the State of Texas (HHS, DFPS, DSHS, DARS, DADS) you cannot setup your own account. This applies to all contractors or contingent employees as well.

If you do not remember ever activating an account in TX TRAIN, please follow these steps:

1.    Enter your current work email address as your login name.

2.    Leave the password blank.

3.    Select the Login button. DO NOT SELECT CREATE ACCOUNT.

4.    Follow the screen prompts to answser quesitons, enter information, and set your password.

If you are NOT a State employee

If you are not an employee of the State of Texas HHS Enterprise group, you must create an account.

1.    Select Create Account. DO NOT SELECT LOG IN.

2.    Agree to TRAIN policies, then select Next.

3.    Proceed through all the screens, answering questions and creating your TX TRAIN account.

4.    An email confirmation will be sent to the email address you listed for your account.


1.    If you enter your email address, leave the password blank, then select Log In and you get an Invalid Account message, it may mean you already have an active account.

2.    The account may be under a different email address, a different name, a different agency. It may also mean that you have more than one TX TRAIN account.

3.    If it is necessary to email TX TRAIN Administration, please include any information about these items, such as a name change or a note you used to work for a different agency. If you are a State employee, include your employee ID and current work email address in the email. Screenshots of the steps taken, showing the error message, are very helpful, so include them if possible.

If you get an Access Denied Message

The Access Denied error message generally occurs when users try to access a page they do not have access to. This may be due to visibility settings or user privileges. The most common problem is that the user has not logged on to TRAIN.


Another common problem is that the user has selected the wrong state portal when setting up their account. They must choose Texas in order to access TX TRAIN.